Centre of Materials and Microsystems, Fondazione Bruno Kessler

The Centre of Materials and Microsystems of FBK carries out innovative research in a vast number of areas such micro- and nanophotonics, smart optical sensors and detectors, MEMS, radiation sensors, computational science and others. We aim in pushing innovation through the construction of a networked system that involves companies, other research institutions, universities, public bodies, and end-users.

Nanoscience Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Trento

The Nanoscience laboratory carries out research in Nanophotonics, characterization of nanostructured materials and Nanobiotechnologies. Photonics at the nanoscale using nanocrystalline semiconductors could bring up new devices.


Doctoral School in Physics, University of Trento

The Doctoral School in Physics is designed to train students to carry out autonomous, original, and rigorous scientific research, required for highly-qualified activities in a variety of work environments.


Levico Terme Municipality

Levico Terme  is a comune (municipality) in Trentino in the northern Italian region Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, located about 15 km southeast of Trento


Aspic Design

ASPIC is a software package for analysis and design of optical components and circuits. It can be used for fast and accurate analysis, modelling and design of integrated and hybrid optical passive circuits without restrictions in dimensions and complexity. Its model-based approach does not need descriptions at physical level, allowing to focusing on the circuit functionality


Laser Optronic

Laser Optronic, since 1975 leader in OEM, scientific and industrial market supplies laser systems, optics, opto-electronics, scientific instrumentations/devices, as well as thermoelectric systems and components. We offer know-how, pre-sale assistance, installation and technical service.



Raith offers innovative instrument solutions for electron beam lithography, ion beam lithography, nano manipulation, electron beam induced deposition and etching.