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Personal Health Records and patient-oriented infrastructures

“Personal Health Records and patient-oriented infrastructures” is an international workshop jointly organized by the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento and the Fondazione Bruno Kessler aimed at providing an arena for discussion on the evolving landscape of personal health information management.

The idea of offering tools to patients to help them managing information is not new. Only in the last years, though, we have witnessed a sharp rise in the number and range of electronic tools and digital solutions to allow patients to access, manage, share and supplement their health data. Personal Health Record (PHR) has become a widely adopted label to refer to such systems.

PHR systems are becoming the point of convergence among different visions concerning the future of healthcare systems characterized by the (desired) emergence of ‘new patients’ willing to share the burden of care and to reshape their relationships with doctors and institutions.

We wish this workshop will bring together researcher, designers, IT professionals and companies to reflect on this novel e-infrastructure that can be considered an interesting lens through which social informatics researchers can examine the tentative transformation of different dimensions of the healthcare sector.


This workshop is organised as part of the research project "TreC –Cartella Clinica del Cittadino", sponsored by the Autonomous Province of Trento.


Silvia Gherardi, Faculty of Sociology, University of Trento 

Enrico Maria Piras, Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Alberto Zanutto, Faculty of Sociology, University of Trento






September 30th 2011
Deadline for abstracts submission 

October 15th 2011
Notification to authors


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