International School of Physics Enrico Fermi - Physics with many positrons

Scientific / Technological Objectives and Content of the Course: The objective of the course is to interest students, scientists and funding agents in the topics of positron accumulation, storage and manipulation and in the novel experimental work that can be done with large positron pulses and high intensity positron beams.
The course will teach the technical details of high intensity positron production, positron moderation, positron accumulation, positron storage, brightness enhancement, pulsing and focusing.
The goal is not only to inform the attendees, but more importantly to produce a handbook of the new technology so that it may be acquired and referred to by the next generation of researchers.
Besides the technical details, the course will include reviews and scientific expositions of the new experiments that are being done with many positron technology, e.g.:

  • Anti-gravity experiments and CPT violation experiments on anti-hydrogen using precision laser spectroscopy;
  • The positronium BEC and the possibilities for the annihilation gamma ray laser;
  • Single shot lifetime measurements of transient phenomena in shocked materials;
  • Fast lifetime and Doppler broadening measurements in solid state physics;
  • Positronic molecules and many positron systems.

Società Italiana di Fisica - Bologna, Italia


Politecnico di Milano


Università degli Studi di Trento


Washington State University


University of California Riverside


First Point Scientific