Application, Fee, Accommodation

How to apply

Deadline for the application : April 30th , 2009

Application forms should be accompanied by a brief Curriculum with a list of publications.
Send the Application and the CV to:

By ordinary mail to
Prof. Roberto Brusa,
Dipartimento di Fisica-Università di Trento
via Sommarive 14
I-38100 Povo (Trento)

Or by e-mail  to

Subject: Varenna School - Form

Application will be considered by the Directors of the Course. The  students admitted to the School will be informed within 30 days from the beginning of  the Course.

Whoever may be interested in attending the Course and is not entitled-for his age or other reasons-to be considered a student, may follow the Course as observer. Registration fee charged to observer is EUR 500,00. Observer should provide for their board and lodging; if required, the School may take care of their Hotel accommodation. 
Students are requested to arrive at Varenna the day preceding the opening of the Course i.e. Monday July 6th .


Fee must be paid by student following the instruction and within the date indicated in the Letter of Admittance.
Partecipation fee for students: 1300,00 Euros comprising attendance, full board, lodging and proceedings.

Students should avoid being accompanied by relatives. In view of the holiday season local accommodation is very limited. Quite exceptionally the School could see to the accommodation of members of students’ families in local hotels. Hotels expenditure for students’ relatives will be payable separately and directly to the hotel management.