09.00-10 10.00-11.00 11.00-11.30 11.30-12.30 12.30-15.30 15.30-16.30 16.30-17.30 17.30-18:00 18.00-19.00
Tue 07/07 Welcome address Kinder garten (*) Break Kinder garten (*) Lunch Break Kinder garten (*) Mills Break Schrader
Kindergarten (*)
Wed 08/07 Hugenschmidt Surko Weiss Cassidy Mills Schrader
Thu 09/07 Koegel Surko Weiss Cassidy Mills Schrader
Fri 10/07 Koegel Surko Weiss Cassidy Mills Brown
Sat 11/07 Egger Chen Weber


Sun 12/07  
Mon 13/07 Poster session (**) Break Krause-Rehberg Lunch Break Lynn Dupasquier Break Brusa
Tue 14/07 Charlton Walz Lynn Lynn Brusa Liszkay
Wed 15/07 Charlton Walz Alam Free
Thur 16/07 Charlton Walz Alam Biasini’s session (***)


Fri 17/07 Lodi-Rizzini Giammarchi/
Alam Course ended


(*) Introductory lectures on positron spectroscopy, for the benefit of participants who do not come from positron groups (not to be included in the Proceedings).
(**) Open to all participants. The Directors reserve the right of publishing a few selected contributions in the Proceedings
(***) Maurizio Biasini, who had been invited to give a seminar on “Biasini’s theorem”, died tragically on Nov. 29, 2008. This session is devoted to his contribution to the field of positron physics. A concert will follow.

Lecturers Tentative title
Alam Study of the electronic structure of solids with intense positron sources
Brusa Positronium emission and cooling
Cassidy Experimental production of many-positron systems
Charlton Antihydrogen physics
Koegel/Egger/Hugenschmidt Reactor based pulsed low energy positron beams - principles and applications
Lynn New concepts on storing macroscopic densities of positron using micro-traps with long aspect ratios
Mills Physics with many positrons
Schrader Theory of multi-positronic systems
Surko Trap-based plasmas and beams - new tools for antimatter science and technology
Walz Antihydrogen spectroscopy
Weiss Application of Intense Beams of Positrons in Advanced Methods of Surface Analysis
Seminar speakers Tentative title
Brown The intense positron beam at North Carolina State University
Chen Relativistic positron jet creation using ultra-intense, short-pulse laser
Giammarchi/Castelli The AEGIS project and laser excitation of positronium for antihydrogen production
Krause-Rehberg The intense, pulsed positron source EPOS at the Research Centre Dresden-Rossendorf
Liszkay Positronium for antihydrogen production
Lodi-Rizzini Anti-hydrogen formation
Weber Positron generation with small accelerators