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Quantum science and technologies

In the last few years we have witnessed impressive theoretical and experimental progresses in our understanding and control of entanglement. These have advanced our fundamental understanding of quantum science and the design of new technologies. Applications range from the creation of new devices for the ultrasensitive interferometric measurements to applications for secure communication, quantum control, quantum information processing. 
The workshop will bring together the leading experts in these fields along with younger scientists in a pleasant environment aimed to encourage discussions and brainstorming.

The worshop will be held at Auditorium Melotti, corso Bettini 43, Rovereto (Trento, Italy)



Augusto Smerzi (INO-CNR BEC, Trento) and Tommaso Calarco (Ulm University)

Scientific committee: 
Alain Aspect (Institut d’ Optique, Palaiseau)
Vladimir Buzek (Institute of Physics, Bratislava)
Jonathan Finley (Technische Universität, München)
Massimo Inguscio (LENS, Florence)
Williams Phillips (NIST, Gaithersburg)
Enrique Solano (Universidad del País Vasco, Bilbao)
Sandro Stringari (INO-CNR BEC, Trento)
Robert Thew (University of Geneva)


no registration fee is required

if you want to present a poster you're kindly requested to follow the format abstract poster in the download area and submit it through the registration and abstract submission form.

Deadline: April 15th



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