RCEM2017 - 10th Symposium on River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics

a 1-week event:

  • Pre-conference in Trento
  • Main conference in Padova
  • Post- conference Trip

Key dates
Sept. 15-16: Trento courses
Sept. 18-21: Padova conference
Sept. 22: Tagliamento field trip

Oral presentation: 15' + 5' questions
Poster format: A0, vertical

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RCEM 2017

RCEM was born on the concept that the mechanisms responsible for patterns created by the interaction of a water flow over an environmental domain mainly consisting of mobile sediments, are basically the same in rivers, estuaries and coasts.

As stated in the Technical Scope of RCEM, a major aim of the conference is to enhance the interaction among the communities of hydraulic engineers, geomorphologists, applied mathematicians and physicists involved in research on morphodynamics.

Since then, RCEM has had the aim of creating a forum for scientists that rarely could meet in the same symposium, for scientific discussion on rivers, estuaries, coasts, in order to improve the knowledge on the processes driving the morphological evolution of these environments.

RCEM 2017 will maintain the same initial spirit, while aiming at fostering the most recent trends and innovations, such as the increasing integration among approaches (observational, experimental, modelling) and among disciplines (hydraulic engineering, geomorphology, applied mathematics, as well as ecology, sedimentology, forestry, remote sensing).

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