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I ncreasing amounts of data are becoming more and more easily available in all areas of life and can be used to answer questions that were not possible just a couple of decades ago. In economics and the social sciences, statistical models such as Generalized Linear Models and Autoregressive Moving Average Models and related methods have become very popular and widely used in the academia as well as in public and private institutions for analyzing both macro- and microeconomic data sets.

The goals of R: Economics In Action are to offer courses covering a wide range of topics in macro- and microeconometrics. The courses have the following objectives:

  • To provide students with knowledge of a set of modern time series methods necessary for empirical research in macro- and microeconomics. 
  • To present a variety of empirical applications. 
  • To survey some of the recent developments. 

Program of the School

Detailed Program

During this summer school the participants will have the opportunity to learn technical skills: programming with R, package building procedures, automatic reporting and advanced graphics for the visualization of high-dimensional/complex data and statistical skills: linear models and their generalizations as well as linear and nonlinear time series analysis for the analysis of macro- and microeconomic data with complex structures, nonstationary behavior, and possibly large dimension.

The school will focus on R, a standard environment for statistical data analysis. In virtue of its large community of users and their continuous contribution to improve the system R covers an enormous amount of statistical procedures in a wide range of applications. In addition to being a statistics system, R is also a full-featured and flexible programming language with support for both low-level standard programming tasks and high-level support of graphics and reporting. In combination, R is a powerful environment for both routine and specialized modeling, e.g., in economics or financial forecasting.
There will be also special sessions on R package presentations by the researchers of the Euregio region.

Who will benefit from this program?
- Researchers and practitioners working with macro- and microeconomic data in private and public institutions whose work would benefit from a course focused on the latest advances in fields. 
- Master and PhD students who want to extend their knowledge and learn more about the analysis of economics data.

There are no formal pre-requisites but understanding of elementary statistical procedures could be of help.

The School is organized with the support of EUREGIO, hence for students from this area fees are waived and they are eligible for travel and accommodation support.




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Registration deadline: August 24, 2017

Payment deadline: August 28, 2017

Trento Summer School in 

R: Economics in Action

September 5-8, 2017

The school will take place at
Polo Scientifico Tecnologico "Fabio Ferrari"
Via Sommarive, 9
Room B102


Euregio Mobility Fund 2016-2017




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