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Rights on the move

About the Rights on the move project

Rights on the move looks at the European protection of the rights of rainbow families, i.e. families where the parental roles are played by persons of the same legal gender – moving and residing within the EU. The diversity of regulations about marriage and partnership, access to assisted reproductive technologies and adoption exposes these families to considerable obstacles when moving within the EU.
By adopting a child-oriented approach, “Rights on the move” aims at unravelling how freedom of movement should be read in compliance with the EU Charter, the European citizenship rights of the child and other international and supranational instruments.
The project started in January 2013 and will last 26 months.


  • Increase knowledge on the freedom of movement of LGBT families and analyse the legal situation in the 28 Member States;
  • Spread information on the legal situation of rainbow families in Europe;
  • Increase understanding among legal professionals of the rights of children in LGBT families and how to protect them;
  • Create a network amongst legal practitioners and the wider legal community interested in the project's topics;
  • Enhance empowerment of citizens and NGOs to fully enjoy their fundamental rights;
  • Increase awareness among workers and employers of the situation of rainbow families moving within the EU;
  • Produce a White Paper discussing obstacles and proposals for overcoming them.

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Rights on the move is endorsed by ECSOL – European Commission of Sexual Orientation Law, NELFA – Network of European LGBT Families Associations, ETUC – European Trade Union Confederation and Council of Europe - LGBT Issues Unit



16-17 October 2014
Rights on the move
– Rainbow families in Europe. Final Conference
University of Trento, Trento

4-5 June 2014
Moving Forward: The Rights of Rainbow Families in Europe
Cara Friend, Belfast

7-8 March 2014
Rights on the move Central Training
The Peace Institute, Ljubljana

14 November 2013
Parenthood and worker's rights
CGIL Nuovi diritti

24-25 October 2013
The rights of the children in LGBT families
Barcelona (at the premises of Fondation Martí l’Humà -La Garriga)

2 July 2013
Medically assisted procreation and today’s challenges
University of Toulouse III Paul Sabatier

14-15 March 2013
Kick-off meeting
University of Trento - Faculty of Law


C. Casonato and A. Schuster, Rights on the move – Rainbow families in Europe. Conference proceedings, Trento, 16-17 October 2014, Università degli studi di Trento, 2014
(PDF edition under creative commons license. For the 2015 ePub edition click here.)

A.M. Duguet , L’assistance à la procréation, quels défis aujourd’hui, LEH, 2015
(PDF edition under creative commons license.)

A. Schuster, G. Toniollo, La famiglia omogenitoriale in Europa, Ediesse, 2015
(epub edition under creative commons license (zip file). Paper edition is availble on the market at a convenient price - visit the publisher's page)

B. Fitzpatrick, Handbook on the Rights of Rainbow Families, 2015
Languages: English - Italian - Greek - French - Spanish

N. Kogovšek Šalamon, Rights on the move White Paper, 2015
Languages: English - Italian - German - French - Spanish




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