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Risk and Social Preferences


John Harshanyi and John Rawls pioneered the idea that moral intuitions are best modeled as risky choices made behind the veil of ignorance. This became a cornerstone of the subsequent research in welfare economics and social choice. By contrast, the modern theory of social preferences has been mostly  developed in the context of risk-free environments. It is high time for these two traditions to come together.

The workshop will gather scholars in decision theory, collective choice and social preferences to discuss how results obtained in these fields could be merged into a coherent theory of the way people decide on ethically relevant issues.


There is room for a limited number of external auditors. Requests must be submitted by October 1st to




Luciano Andreozzi – Università di Trento
Marco Faillo – Università di Trento
Matteo Ploner – Università di Trento
Giovanni Ponti – Universidad de Alicante and LUISS Guido Carli, Roma


prof. Luciano Andreozzi