Sensitized Er doped waveguide amplifier/laser

The International Workshop on Sensitized Er doped waveguide amplifier/laser (SEDWAL)
has been jointly organized by the NanoScience Lab. at the Department of Physics (University of Trento -ITALY) and the Van der Waals - Zeeman Institute (University of Amsterdam, NEDERLAND).
The Workshop is focused on recent advances on sensitized Er ions. The main topics are Silicon nanoparticles and Rare Earth sensitizers such as Yb.

The Workshop is intended:

  • to be a forum to exchange experiences about new advances and developments in the field;
  • to allow people in the field to meet, discuss and share results and ideas;
  • to bring together academic and industry worlds;
  • to face the problems and to try to develop a sort of roadmap;
  • to determine status quo in the field.

The meeting will take place April 13-15 2008 in Levico Terme Lake, Trento - Italy. 

The final program is now available, see "agenda"

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dipartimento di fisica

N. Daldosso
Physics Department
University of Trento


Università di Amsterdam

T. Gregorkiewicz
Van der Waals - Zeeman Institute,
University of Amsterdam


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