Abstract submission

Participants are invited to submit as soon as possible their contributions indicating the preference for poster or oral presentation.

Contributions can cover any topics about synchrotron radiation or FEL, and about their applications for studies in basic and applied sciences, including medical.

Selected oral contributions will be presented in a General Open Session, and in particular in the scheduled MicroSymposia:

  • MS1 - Advanced materials for energy harvesting and storage
  • MS2 - Synchrotron radiation for industry and environment
  • MS3 - Operando studies of catalytic systems
  • MS4 - Protein dynamics: synergistic approaches

Space for commercial presentations is also available, and will be scheduled according to requests and selection results.

Submission instructions

The deadline for abstract submission for POSTER presentations has been postponed. Abstracts for POSTER presentations have to be submitted by 21 May 2015 (previous deadline 24 April 2015), sending an e-mail to the Scientific Coordinators (sils2015@unitn.it) with the subject: ABSTRACT Poster.

The text of the message should specify:

  • type of contribution (certain or preferred): oral (keynote/requested) or poster
  • requested session for oral: invited - open oral session - commercial - MS# - MW

Abstracts have to be written according to the instructions detailed in the abstract template (available in the Download box) and the name of the file must be of the kind: surname_name#.doc (or .docx or .rtf) (presenting Author, #=1,2,.. submission number from the same Author).

Poster session

The requested poster size is: A0 (H 84 x V 119).

Posters will be placed on the dedicated panels inside the north lobby of the Department of Humanities (entrance via Tommaso Gar 14, on the right). Poster panels will be available to conference participants from Wednesday 8 July (12.00 p.m.) to Friday, 10 July (11.00 a.m.).

Best poster award

SILS, Italian Synchrotron Radiation Society will award a best poster premium of euro 300,00, open to Ph.D. students or research fellows attending the Conference and presenting their contribution.

For more information, please contact sils2015@unitn.it