What are the rooms like?
The majority of the accommodation is single rooms; a small number are doubles.
Do I have to stay in College accommodation?
Yes, it is a residential school and the accommodation is included in the fees. However, students already living in Trento and Innsbruck are not obliged to be accommodated in the hotel. In the case they will not, they will pay a reduced fee for the amount of € 550.

How old are the people who participate in the International Summer Schools?

The Summer School targets MA, PhD students and young researchers, so the participant age-range varies from 24 to 35.

Verona Airport is the closest to Trento (only one hour away by train). In addition, Milan, Brescia, Venice and Treviso Airports are around 2.5 hours away from Trento by train. Everything you need to know about Verona, Milan and Venice Airport should be available from the BAA website: http://www.aeroporti.3000.it

Innsbruck Airport is 4 Km from the town centre. It is easy to get from Innsbruck airport to the centre by bus F, which arrives at Innsbruck train station in 18 minutes. The bus F runs every 15 minutes. You can find all sort of information about Innsbruck airport at the following URL: http://www.innsbruck-airport.com

Application deadlines
What is the deadline for applications to the Summer School?
The deadline for application to the Summer Schools is 3rd July 2009, although we encourage everybody to apply as early as possible to maximise the likelihood of acceptance.

Arriving in Levico (Trento)
Where and when do I need to arrive?

The accommodation centre, Grand Hotel Bellavista, is located in Levico, a village and thermal bath centre near Trento. The nearest airports to Trento are in Verona, Venice, Brescia and Treviso.
It would be best to arrive in Levico on Sunday 30th August, due to the fact that on Monday morning there will be a celebration related to the 10th anniversary of our Summer School. 
You can get directly to Levico from Venice by a local railway called “Valsugana”. You can also get from Verona to Trento by train and from there you can get the local railway “Valsugana” to reach Levico.

Arriving in Innsbruck
Where and when do I need to arrive?

The accommodation centre address is “Haus der Begegnung”, Rennweg 12. You can get from Innsbruck train station to the “Haus der Begegnung” both by taxi and by bus line ”F”. One-trip bus ticket costs € 1,60, but you can also buy a daily ticket at € 3,40 or a weekly ticket at  € 10.70. Note however that the accommodation centre is five minutes walk from the University location and the city centre.
You are expected to travel to Innsbruck on Sunday 6th September. Your accommodation is available from Sunday night on in Innsbruck. Innsbruck is a 2 hour train journey from Trento. Train schedules and the location of the train stations in Trento and Innsbruck, with directions to your accommodation in both cities, will be given at a date closer to the School.

What kind of library access is available?

Books will be available from the libraries of Trento and Innsbruck universities where you will be temporary registered.

Students will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the programme after full participation. To receive a certificate participants must attend 4/5 of all classes.

What is the weather like in Trento and Innsbruck?

During your stay you are likely to experience glorious sunshine, even in September, both in Trento and in Innsbruck. Rainy days are not likely in September and temperatures generally range from 14°C to 20°C in the morning.

Computer facilities
What kind of computer  facilities are available?

You will be registered as guest users with the university computer network and have easy access to computer facilities and the Internet.

Is it possible to do undertake excursion or to visit a city?

Yes. For the weekend there is the possibility of full and half day trips from Trento to Verona (1 hour by train) or Venice (2.5 hours by train) and to other places of interest. From Innsbruck, it is possible to visit Salzburg, Munich and Bregenz (2 hours by train).

What happens if I am ill during the Summer School?

If you are undergoing medical treatment or are taking medication at the time of the Summer Schools, please let us know in advance, as this will help us to make any necessary arrangements. The organisation declines any responsibility in case of illness or accidents.

What level of English do I need to come to the Summer Schools?

We require all applicants to be fluent in English. All classes and lectures will be given in English, at university level.

Paper Presentation and Poster Sessions
Applicants are asked to submit, together with the application form, an abstract of a paper on the Summer School topic. Among those, eight papers will be chosen in order to be discussed during the two sessions devoted to papers presentation. All other participants will show their work on a poster, and present them in a room during the evening poster session.

Are Trento and Innsbruck safe cities?

Yes, Trento is one of the safest city in Italy, nevertheless, it may be better to keep your belongings with you everywhere. The same applies to Innsbruck.

Are there any scholarships to the Summer Schools that I can apply for?

Yes. For applicants coming from Developing Countries (see the World Bank list of Developing Countries) who require a scholarship, there is the possibility of a reduced fee of €400 instead of €800; travel costs are at their charge. Scholarship will be assigned on the basis of merits and personal situation. Participation for non-residential students in Trento or in Innsbruck is fixed at €550. 

How do I get a VISA to come and study at the Summer School?

The first step is to contact your nearest Austrian Embassy or Consulate. They will be able to advise you on the application procedures. We can send you a letter confirming that you have been accepted into the Summer School, which you can include with your application.