The Jean Monnet European Centre

The Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence of the University of Trento is an inter-faculty research centre  whose mission is to facilitate the development of European Studies at the University of Trento, to carry out research activities on the European integration, and to promote the European dimension at the level of civil society and local governments.
Its major activities include:

A one year long programme which is scheduled to achieve a European Studies Certificate;
A yearly Summer School addressed to MA and PhD students as well as to young researchers on European topics, organised in collaboration with the University of Innsbruck (Austria);
A yearly Master of Arts in “Experts in European Affairs for Local Governments”, tailored to a professional profile of civil servants of local governments in order to improve their qualifications on European matters;
A series of Jean Monnet Working Papers;
Partner in the European Network of Excellence (FP6) on “Global Governance, Regionalisation and Regulation: the Role of the EU” (GARNET);
Partner in the National Research entitled “Italians and Europe: sociology of a difficult transnationality” (co-financed by the Italian Ministry of the University and Research) which analyses the effects of the European integration process on the Italian society; inside this reasearch project, the team of the Jean Monnet European Centre of excellence investigates two sectors: local media and groups of the civil society;
The Jean Monnet European Centre has three main areas of research:

EU foreign policy, European Security and defence affairs, EU external relations;
Issues related to the emergence of a European organised civil society and its role in shaping EU policies in a number of sectors such as environment, antiracism, migration and regionalism;
European identity and the norms and regulation of citizenship, cultural symbols and schemes of belonging to EU.

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