First week - Levico (TN)

Sunday 30th August

Afternoon Students arrival


Monday 31st August

Morning Riccardo Scartezzini – University of Trento
10 th Anniversary of the Jean Monnet International Summer School
Heinrich Neisser – University of Innsbruck
Introduction to the Summer School
Afternoon Emil Kirchner – University of Essex
Evening Welcome party


Tuesday 1st September

Morning Gerhard Mangott – University of Innsbruck
The current crisis and future prospects of EU energy security
Afternoon Giangiacomo Bravo – University of Turin
Environment as a collective good: sustainable development dilemmas and limits to growth 


Wednesday 2nd September

Morning Mark Brusati – LIUC University of Castellanza
Planning with the people in marginal areas: sustainable strategies and empirical evidences
Afternoon Patrik Zoltvany - FIPRA Slovakia, Bratislava
The Energy Policy of the EU - Dream or Reality? A view from business sector 


Thursday 3rd September

Morning Paolo Baggio – University of Trento
Towards low energy buildings
Afternoon Participants’ papers presentation


Friday 4th September

Morning Jean-Luc Di Paola – Valeo Group (France)
Energy strategies and geopolitical aspects
Afetrnoon Stanislas Pottier – Councillor DG Treasure (France)

Second week - Innsbruck

Monday 7th September

Morning Kirsten Westphal – Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin
EU Common Energy Policy
Afternoon Samuel Schubert - Austrian Academy of Science, Wien
EU Energy Foreign Policy


Tuesday 8th September

Morning To be defined
Afternoon Tatiana Romanova – St. Petersburg State University
Russia’s Domestic Energy Policy


Wednesday 9th September

Morning To be defined
Afternoon Free afternoon


Thursdau 10th September

Morning Gerhard Mangott – University of Innsbruck
EU Gas Security: the Role of the Caspian Basin and the Middle East
Afternoon Participants' paper presentation


Friday 11th September

Morning Andreas Goldthau - Central European University, Budapest
Global Energy Governance
Afternoon Pierfrancesco Fighera – Formez, Napoli
Policies for sustainable development in Europe: methods, tools and experiences
Evening Delivery of final certificates and farewell party