School history

The international Optoelectronics and Photonics Winter School is a biannual event which is traditionally being held in Trentino Region starting from 2001.
The different editions of the school have been organized periodically by the Nanoscience Laboratory of the University of Trento. 
Specifically the Schools were:

  • 2001 Micro-optoelectronics (Directors Pavesi-Ferrari)
  • 2003 Advances on Molecular and hybrid Photonics (Directors Iannotta - Monetil)
  • 2005 Optical interconnects (Directors Pavesi - Guillot)
  • 2007 Biophotonics (Directors Pavesi - Fauchet)
  • 2009 CMOS photonics  (directors Daldosso -Vivien)
  • 2011 Physics and Applications of T-rays  (Directors Perenzoni - Douglas)
  • 2013 Physics and Applications of Optical Resonators  (Directors Ghulinyan - Van Thourhout)
  • Throughout these years the School had a continuous success and has gained the fame of an important event among both young students and experts in the field.