MONDAY 6th April 2009
8.30 Opening address
9.00  Didier Dubois (Toulouse, France)
   An overview of bipolar qualitative decision rules
   J. F. Bonnefon, D. Dubois and H. Fargier
10.00  Giulianella Coletti (Perugia, Italy)
   From comparative degrees of belief to conditional measures
   G. Coletti and B. Vantaggi 

Coffee Break 

11.00  Michel Grabish (Paris, France)
   Cooperative games on ordered structures
   M. Grabish 
12.00  Salvador Cruz Rambaud (Almeria, Spain)
   Delay and interval effects with non-additive discounting functions
   S. Cruz Rambaud and M. J. Muñoz Torrecillas 
12.30  Lunch Break 
15.00  Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier (Paris, France)
   Decision making based on analogy
   B. Bouchon-Meunier 

Romano Scozzafava (Rome, Italy)
   Weak implication and fuzzy inclusion
   R. Scozzafava 

16.30  Coffee Break 

Christer Carlsson (Abo, Finland)
   Risk assessment for grid computing with predictive probabilistic and possibilistic models
   C. Carlsson 


Jaap Spronk (Rotterdam, Netherland)
   Introduction to concentration measures
   J. Spronk 


TUESDAY 7th April 2009

Roman Slowinski (Poznan, Polonia)
   DARWIN: dominance-based rough set approach to handling robust winning solutions in
   interactive multiobjective optimization
   S. Greco, B. Matarazzo and R. Slowinski

10.00 José Luis García Lapresta (Valladolid, Spain)
   Scoring rules and consensus
   J. L. García Lapresta, B. Llamazares and T. Peña
10.30   Coffee Break
11.00 Erio Castagnoli (Milano, Italy)
   From benchmarks to generalized expectations
   E. Castagnoli and G. Favero
12.00 Paola Modesti (Parma, Italy)
   Measures for firm value in random scenarios
   P. Modesti
12.30 Lunch Break
15.00 János Fodor (Budapest, Hungary)
   Quaternary fuzzy relations and preference modelling
   J. Fodor
16.00 Ronald Yager (New Rochelle, USA)
   A framework for multiagent negotiations
   R. R. Yager
17.00  Coffee Break 
17.30  Keynote address
   Celebration of Mario Fedrizzi's 60th anniversary
   R. A. Marques Pereira 
18.30  Closing 
19.30  Social dinner (coach departure) 


WEDNESDAY 8th April 2009
9.00      Bernard De Baets (Gent, Belgium)
   A survey on cycle-transitivity
   B. De Baets and H. De Meyer
10.00 Gianni Bosi (Trieste, Italy)
   Continous utility functions for nontotal preorders: a review of recent results
   G. Bosi and R. Isler
10.30 Coffee Break

Erich Peter Klement (Linz, Austria)
   A common roof for the Choquet and the Sugeno integrals
   E. P. Klement

12.00 Gianfranco Gambarelli (Bergamo, Italy)
   Electoral systems, multicameral cohesion majorities and Europe
   G. Gambarelli
12.30 Lunch Break

Janusz Kacprzyk (Warsaw, Poland)
   Discovering knoledge from preferences via linguistic data summarization and natural language
   J. Kacprzyk

16.00 Rita Almeida Ribeiro (Lisbon, Portugal)
   Reinforcement operators in spacecraft landing
   R. A. Ribeiro and T. C. Pais
16.30 Coffee Break
17.00 Hannu Nurmi (Turku, Finland)
   Thin rationality and representation of preferences
   H. Nurmi
18.00 Antonio Maturo (Chieti - Pescara, Italy)
   Coherence for fuzzy measures and applications to decision making
   A. Maturo, M. Squillante and A. Ventre
18.30 Closing address