Topics of the Conference

According to the previous events, all the subjects of interest for viticulture and oenology will be considered for the scientific programme of the conference. However, special attention will be paid to the aspects of Environmental Sustainability of wine production.

The main topics covered in the conference will be the following:

Environmental Technologies and Management
(Chair Prof. Franco Cecchi, Italy)

Treatment systems: aerobic and anaerobic, physical-chemical
Filtration techniques – membranes
Combined treatments
Characteristics of effluents and wastes
Reuse (internal / external)
Effluents disinfection
Distillery wastes management
Sludge management (impact, utilization, treatment, disposal)
Solid waste management

Viticulture (Chair Dr Marc Greven, New Zealand)

Vineyard sustainable management
Integrated ecological production
Economic impact of environment management
Concepts of environment management
Environmental risks
The development and use of Environmental Sustainability Indicators
The use of winery waste and effluent in the vineyard

Oenology (Chair Prof. Santiago Minguez, President OIV, France)

Quality issues, standardization
Cleaner technologies for wine production
Economic impact of environment management