Following the success of the first African School and Workshop on X-rays in Materials, held in Dakar, in December 2005, we are organizing the second edition of the school-workshop.

The second conference aims at:

  • Promoting the scientific cooperation between African researchers in the materials science area;
  • Introducing the principal techniques of structural investigation of materials using X-rays, with particular attention to X-ray diffraction from powders and X-ray scattering from non-crystalline materials;
  • Training young researchers on new investigation techniques of the materials structure, by means of practical exercises of X-ray data analysis on computer;
  • Presenting the actual research advances on materials characterization using X-ray techniques.


  • Radiation
  • Matter interaction;
  • Radiation sources;
  • X-ray Scattering;
  • Powder Diffraction;
  • Rietveld method;
  • Applications of XRD to Materials Science;
  • Other techniques: X-ray Diffusion; X-ray absorption and photoemission spectroscopies and their applications to Materials Science.

Besides the School program, participants will be given the opportunity to hold oral presentations as well as to contribute to a poster session. Special care will be taken to ensure time for questions and discussions, as well as to organize round tables on topics which will share a particular interest for the participants. The Conference will finish with a conclusive discussion amongst all attendees.

Scientists and students from African Countries that are members of the UN, UNESCO and IAEA can attend the School and Workshop. The official language of the School is English.
Travel and subsistence expenses of the participants are borne by the home institutions. However, limited funds are available for some participants from the developing countries, who will be selected by the organizers on the basis of their curriculum vitae et studiorum. Such financial support is available only for those who attend the entire activity.
There is no registration fee to attend the School.