Venue and accommodation

Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar
Faculté Des Sciences et Techniques
Département de Physique
Dakar, Senegal
tel. +221 776484989
fax +221 338246318

Senegal is located on the most western part of Africa, covering 76,000 square miles. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, along 350 miles of beautiful sandy beaches.
It has been occupied since prehistoric times and Paleolithic tools and artifacts dug up in the country can be seen at the History Museum on Gorée Island.
Senegal is a country of 10 million people, which gained its Independence from France in 1960. It is a young country where half the population is under 20. Senegal is a Republic with a President elected every five years, a National Assembly and a Senate. Senegal is a democracy with a free press and several political parties.
Known for its dynamic culture, friendly people, beautiful beaches, and warm climate, Senegal has become one of the most sought-after destinations in Africa.
Dakar can be easily reached from many African countries. It is ideally located less than 6 hours from Paris and 7 hours from New York. The School will take place at the Conference Center of the University of Dakar.

Hotel Info

The University guesthouse accommodation facilities will be reserved for students of the School. Other accommodation in hotel in town are multiple and diversified in price and location. More information about hotels in Dakar can be obtained from tourism agencies.


Companion tours of the Dakar region will be organized, including day-trips to the Goree island deeply rooted in the history of the slave trade which lies less than 2 miles from Dakar.
The social program for the School participants and their companions will include a tour in Dakar and the domain of Saly surrounded with exotic trees, lawns, and exotic flowers, baobabs and fragrant eucalyptus. The Pink Lake, also called Retba, which becomes completely pink in sunny days because of its very high degree of salinity, will be visited. It is surrounded by Sand dunes, and traditional villages with thatch-roofed huts.

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