ENI AWARD 2019 - Energy Transition Prize

Data di pubblicazione: 
11 Settembre, 2018
23 Novembre, 2018

Eni is one of the most important, vertically integrated energy companies in the world.

From 2008 Eni has been offering the Eni Award, aimed to promote and award research and technological innovation in the fields of energy and the environment.

The Energy Transition Prize, one of the six sections of the Eni Award, aims to promote technological innovation and scientific knowledge in order to reduce carbon footprint during the transition period from the current energy production system to a neutral - with respect to environmental impact - one.

The Prize is awarded to the researcher or group of scientists that achieved internationally significant research and development results in the field of production, transport and use of natural gas; of capture, utilization and sequestration of carbon dioxide as well as of energy efficiency, such as:

• Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilization (CCSU) technologies;

• New ways of converting natural gas to liquids (fuels and chemicals) and hydrogen;

• New technologies for the transport of natural gas;

• New technologies to improve energy efficiency in the production and use of natural gas industry, such as: gas leaching monitoring and prevention, gas flaring reduction, conversion of natural gas to electricity (fuel cells), use of natural gas for energy storage.

• New technologies for the separation and conversion of H2S associated with natural gas and for sulfur utilization;

• Bío-fuels and related production processes;

• Fuels and chemicals from solar energy;

• Energy efficiency, waste to energy, hybrid fossil fuels-renewables systems for energy generation and energy vectors, as well as "smart-systems" for energy production and distribution aimed at energy saving

The results must have been achieved within the five-year period prior to the date of this Official Announcement (30 June 2018).

The Prize consists in a specially struck gold medal of the Italian State Mint and in the indivisible sum of € 200,000 (Two hundred thousand Euros).

The candidature application forms are available on the website:

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