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Research areas

BIOtech carries out research in the field of biomedical technologies in cooperation with international academic institutions and research centre, industries, clinical facilities. The research activities are financed thanks to the participation in public research calls for applications and industrial research agreements.

The currently ongoing projects in the field of Tissue Engineering, Cells and Dynamics deal with:

  • The implementation of scaffolds for applications of tissue engineering
  • The study of the interactions among materials, proteins and cells
  • Patterning and nano-patterning
  • The controlled drug delivery
  • The encapsulation of cells
  • The planning of cell cultivation systems in dynamic conditions
  • New technologies for biomedical material processing

The area of Biomedical Physics deals with projects in the field of:

  • The identification of the electrophysiological substrate and the relevant genic profile of artimogene atrial disorders
  • The identification of the pattern of connections of networks of cerebral oscillators in physiological conditions, during cognitive tasks and during cases of cerebral damage
  • The study of bacterial biofilm as a source of infection in the central venous catheters
  • The evaluation of the efficiency of modern therapies of regenerative medicine of the cartilage damage in the knees
  • The production and characterization of porous nanoparticles and microcapsules, as vectors for targeted drug delivery and contrast media for diagnostic imaging
  • Techniques for optical non-invasive biopsy of skin injuries.

Our activities target several parts of the body, both at the level of bone and soft tissues, where the currently available medical treatments are not fully efficient.