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Training and thesis


We welcome BA and MA students who are interested in writing their final dissertation.

Thesis in co-supervisions are available with the University of Boulder (Colorado – USA). Funding opportunities are available through UNITN’s International Opportunities or through the University of Boulder’s Europe-Colorado program.

‘Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro’ (‘Dual learning’)

Biotech participates in the Dual Learning program launched by the 2015 reform of the Italian Education system by hosting high-school students for short traineeship periods.  

After following a Safety and Security training, Dual Learning students can participate in hands-on lab activities, tutored by the PhD students and researchers of Biotech. This represents a great opportunity to view first hand how lab research is carried out and to learn to use some of our equipment.

This opportunity at Biotech is most suitable for students interested in biology, chemistry and science in general.