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Medical-grade silk production in Rovereto


In 2021 we have commenced a cooperation with the Rovereto Municipality to develop the production of locally-sourced medical grade silk. Silk production is an ancient tradition of Rovereto: initiated by the Republic of Venice, it soon made the town one of the main production centers of Europe during the 15-18th centuries before waning due to the introduction of industrial textiles.

Seeing the experience and interest of Biotech in the development of medical devices using silk proteins, the Municipality and our Center have struck an agreement to use the local production of silk to manufacture reliable, certified, medical-grade products that can be used in the biomedical industry as final or intermediate products.

An important partner in this project is Lagaria Sas, a local agricultural company that runs the 'Orto di San Marco' that will establish silkworm raising in controlled conditions to ensure the maximum safety and replicability to the products we will develop.

This page will be updated regularly with the progress of the project.


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