The BIOtech

Biotech is a centre aiming at fostering and coordinating research and training activities carried out in the University of Trento, in the field of biomedical sciences and technologies, in cooperation the interaction with external motivated public and private partners, research institutions, companies and health service facilities.

The Interdepartmental Research Centre BIOtech was founded in 2007 (Rector’s Decree no. 26 October 2007), upon the proposal of the Departments of:

  • Mechanical and Structural Engineering
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Materials Engineering and Industrial Technologies
  • Computer Science and Telecommunications
  • Cognitive sciences and Education

In September 2008, the first two main research areas were moved to Mattarello: Tissue Engineering, Cells and Tissues Dynamics and Biomedical Physics.

The Centre is equipped with cutting edge tools and skills in the field of microstructural Imaging, the biochemical and histological characterization of engineered tissues and constructs, the development of materials and devices for biomedical applications, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, the elaboration of multi-varied bio signals and bio images, the characterization of critical medical devices and health technologies.


The BIOtech unites and connects multidisciplinary skills on biomedical technologies of various Departments of the University of Trento. The centre promotes and coordinates research project in the fields of biomedicine and technologies for health services, building a transfer bridge between base research and clinical applications. The research activities are carried out on the basis of sound cooperation networks with research institutes, industries and clinical institutions, at national and international levels, with an abundant scientific literature production and the transfer of the results of the clinical-diagnostic procedures in technological innovation. The laboratories located in Mattarello employ 40 researchers (seniors, Fellows, PhD) of various nationalities.

The Centre is focused onto two main research areas: “Regenerative medicine” and “Biomedical Physics”, which integrate the knowledge and skills of the original Departments (Department of Materials Engineering and Industrial Technologies and the Department of Physics) with advanced competences in the field of tissue engineering, drug delivery, biomedical imaging, planning and characterization of materials for biomedical applications.

The laboratory of Tissue Engineering, Cells and Tissues Dynamics works on the development of materials and structures to repair and regenerate the damaged tissues, to reduce the need of permanent prosthesis. The laboratory is renowned at international level and it is a peripheral premise of the European Institute for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.

The main research field of the laboratory of Biomedical Physics deals with the understanding of the cardiac and cerebral functionality, through the use of advanced techniques of cells imaging, the analysis of bio signals and bio images, to detect new technological platforms for the treatment of pathologies and the improvement of the diagnostic efficiency. These activities are completed with the structures and competence for the characterization and evaluation of critical medical devices for the evaluation of health technologies.


BIOtech - Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca in Tecnologie Biomediche
via delle Regole 101, 38123 Mattarello (TN)