Students access the Collegio Bernardo Clesio according to merit and motivation criteria.

The Collegio intends to offer an interdisciplinary environment involving the complete study life of its students. Hence the admission is restricted to students who enrol for the first time in a degree master’s course.

A Selection Board is made of professors of the University of Trento will evaluate the candidates’ preparation, intellectual maturity, their approach to studies and their motivation.
Students applying to the Collegio are required to participate in the selection as established in the Calls that are published annually in spring.

Calls for selection 2019-2020


high-school students 


high-school students NON-EU citizens living abroad 




Pre-requisites to continue to be a pupil of the Collegio

Excellence standards shall be maintained by the students who access the Collegio, even after their admittance.
They need to meet the curriculum criteria established in the Call for Selection, among which the acquisition of at least 52 ECTS per year, with a high average score (please see the reference file in the Downloads Box).
In line with the Regulation, students are expected to actively attend specific initiatives, of cultural and academic nature, and to submit by 31 July of each year, a report describing the contents of the attended activities.
The Board of Directors is in charge of the evaluation of the guests’ academic career and the consequent confirmation of the right to be a guest. The evaluation takes place every year in November.



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