Welcome Note by the Rector’s delegate

The Collegio Clesio offers to the most deserving students willing to enrol in the University of Trento the opportunity to fully enjoy their university life in a comfortable, lively and stimulating building, located in the city centre.

The ambitious objective of the Collegio, which was inaugurated in autumn 2010, is to develop a living and studying community, open towards the civil society and the city. In other words, the Collegio wants to be a welcoming environment, a place catalysing culture and meetings, capable to provide significant inputs to the university community; to contribute to the intellectual dynamism of the life of the Departments and of the city; to facilitate more intense interactions among students, PhDs, researchers and Professors.

I wish to underline that this initiative was strongly supported by the University of Trento. It was implemented and it continues to be feasible thanks to the sponsorship of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto and thanks to the collaboration of the Opera Universitaria, which is the provincial body in charge of the right to study.

I hope that the Collegio Clesio will be considered as an opportunity for students to grow in an environment where dialogue and discussion contribute to achieve the best possible results provided by the university training, respecting the foreseen schedule.
Do not be afraid develop your talent.