The Director of the Collegio Clesio is Professor Paolo Carta, who supervises the activity of the Collegio and is the academic coordinator for the topics regarding the Collegio.

The Collegio governance is managed by the two bodies, created in 2014 with Rector’s decree:

The Scientific Committee which promotes the development of the Collegio activity, in line with the University Strategic Plan and in coordination with all academic structures. Further, is responsible for the guidelines for the development of the Collegio, for the programme of the cultural and scientific activity promoted by the Collegio, also participating in initiatives promoted by other high-level institutions.

The members of the Scientific Committee are:

  • Jorge Jovicich
  • Paolo Carta
  • Claudio Giunta            
  • Louisa Parks            
  • Roberto Sebastiani       
  • Gaia Santolin                       

 The Board of Directors that is in charge of the drafting of the annual Calls for selection to access the Collegio; for the appointment of the members of the Selection Committees; the supervision of the pre-requisites to continue to stay in the Collegio; the definition of the disciplinary actions; the modifications of the Regulation.

The members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Edoardo Ballico 
  • Andrea Comboni                  
  • Luigi Fraccarollo                  
  • Anna Simonati                
  • David Novel                      
  • Umberto Dassi                  
  • Sofia Regini                               
  • Edoardo Virgili                          

 The Collegio uses the organizational structures of the University of Trento to organize the cultural initiatives and events devoted to its guests, as well as the administrative procedures of enrolment and selection.

A tutoring professor is permanently available in the Collegio, to support the students settle down in the Collegio and is a point of reference for information and suggestion.



Collegio Clesio

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