University Centre for Advanced Studies on Hydrogeological Risk in Mountain Areas
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Reserarch Activities

Over the years the CUDAM has gained a large experience in the analysis and in the monitoring of the most popular works on hydrogeological protection and stabilization in mountain area. Thanks to developed research,  the Centre could provide tools for the management of the territories about hydrogeological safety, in order to implement new technologies (hardware and software) for the  monitoring and control the environment and to develop new project instruments. One of the focused of attention of the Centre’s activity is the possible application of the outcomes of its activities for: basin planning, risk prevention, evaluation of the efficiency of the protection structures and exploitation of renewable resources carried out in collaboration with public institutions (Local Authorities, River Authorities, and Ministries) and private business.

The five main line of research are:

  • Line 1 - Hill slope hydrology and solid runoff formation
  • Line 2 - The dinamic of debris flows
  • Line 3 - Analysis of the morphological phenomena of piedmont watercourses
  • Line 4 - Monitoring, recovery, and management of Alpine lakes
  • Line 5 - Information Technology for the Hydrogeological Defence of the Mountain Environment