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Governing bodies

The director

The Director is appointed by the Rector on the proposal of the Council of CUDAM.

The Director stay in office for three years and could be confirmed.

If the Director resigns or if he is unable to attend his office for more than five months, the ordinary activities of the Director are temporarily manage by the greater senior teacher of the Government.

The Director appoint a Vicar Director to who delegate his functions in the event of temporary impediment.

Functions of the Director of CUDAM

  • represents the Centre CUDAM
  • promotes, coordinates and supervises the scientific and technical activities of CUDAM,
  • chairing the Council of Government,
  • promotes conventions between CUDAM and public or private actors.


 With the collaboration of the Committee of Government the Director draw up annually: 

  • the development and the enhancement program of CUDAM and its budget,
  • the annual plan of activities and all organizational tools for their implementation,
  • the report of CUDAM results.

The Council of CUDAM

The Council of CUDAM is composed of professors and researchers of the University of Trento.

Professors and researchers of the University of Trento that would like to join researching in one of the Cudam research lines or to take part in the teaching activities of the Center, should make an application to the Council, which approves the new membership by majority votes.

The Council of CUDAM could co-opt members appointed by the Public and Private bodies with whom agreements are active. The co-opted members has only advisory vote and their mandate are limited to the duration of the agreement.

The Council, on proposal of the Scientific Committee or the Government, approve the establishment of new lines of research.

Is task of the Director and of the Government Committee elect a reasonable for the experimental Structures and one for the didactic activity.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, elected by the Council and chaired by the Director of Cudam, is made up of:

  • the Director;
  • no more than three responsible of the research lines;
  • the head of experimental structures;
  • the head of  teaching activities;
  • the Vicar Director.

The members of the Steering Committee remain in charge for 3 years and could be confirmed.

At least twice a year the Steering Committee is convened by the Director of Cudam or at the reasoned request of at one third of his members.

The Steering Committee assists the Director in carrying out his tasks as in art. 3rd of the Statute.

The Committee designates the Scientific Government.

The Steering Committee draw up:

  • the development and enhancement programs of CUDAM and its budget;
  • the annual plan of the activities of CUDAM;
  • the report on CUDAM results;
  • the general criteria for the use of resources allocated for the institutional activities and for the placement of personnel, resources and tools.

The Committee approve the request of agreement submitted by Departments and Research Institutes to be a part of Cudam.

The Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is composed of the members of the Committee of Government and of members designated among the well-known researchers from universities and research institutes in Italy and abroad.

The Scientific Council is renewed every three years. The members appointed to the end of their mandate could be confirmed.

The Scientific Committee express opinions on research programs, evaluate the research and could propose new educational initiatives and new researches.

The meetings of the Scientific Committee will take place via telematics.