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Teaching activities

The research activity represents the main focus of the students enrolled in the International Doctoral Programme in Biomolecular Sciences. The students must attend courses, seminars, symposia, hands-on practical/training sessions, and lesson plans organized by the Doctorate:

  • Base and advanced courses. The teaching staff of the University of Trento, also assisted by visiting Professors, provides enhancement courses covering specific topics of biological and biotechnological relevance. Furthermore, practical laboratory activities are planned in order to offer the new students the opportunity to learn about the scientific topics carried out by different research groups. Internationally renowned teachers are invited to hold specific courses of particular scientific relevance.
  • Journal clubs and progress reports are regularly organized in order to discuss new published results and to present the data of ongoing research activities. Here the students learn several valuable skills, including critical thinking and public speaking.
  • Seminars. National and international researchers are invited to present their research within the seminar cycles. In this way, the students are exposed to a much broader variety of science and gain insight into the varying styles and methods of researchers around the world.
  • Symposia. A symposium entitled "Work In Progress", which all the doctoral students are required to attend, is organized once a year. The doctoral students present posters concerning their projects and discuss their results. For the doctoral students, this meeting is an occasion to socialize and to get to know the projects and the results of their colleagues. Moreover, the doctoral students have an excellent opportunity to practice presenting their work in a formal setting.

Training also includes attendance to scientific conferences and other activities approved by the student's scientific Tutor and/or Supervisor. Students can take advantage of academic training offered by other Doctoral Programs or courses of study that are related to their training objectives.


See the available courses in the Manifesto of Studies (download box).

The Manifesto of Studies for the academic year 2023/2024 will be available soon in the download box.


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