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Admission to the Doctorate in Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Admission to the programme is open to all candidates interested in research areas of the CIMeC, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, gender, or age. Applicants are supposed to have an Italian laurea magistrale university degree or have completed a Bachelor's and a Master's degree awarded by end of October 2024. In order to know whether your foreign degree satisfies Italian PhD entry criteria you can request a comparability statement from CIMEA. More details found at Should your foreign degree be deemed suitable for admission to an Italian PhD the CIMEA verification will substitute your Diploma Supplement / Dichiarazione di Valore.

There will be one call for the 2024 cohort for at least 3 fully paid positions and possibly 1 supernumerary one.

The 2024 selection calendar:

1. Call published approximately in April, 2024

2. Application deadline: May, 2024

Although the online application is open until 4:00 pm Italian time on the due date, we strongly encourage you to complete the application a few days beforehand. If you haven't received a request to confirm your application, and confirmed it by 4:00 p.m., the online application system will block you out and your application will not be considered. No exceptions.

3. Title evaluations: June 2024

Title evaluations (candidates need not be present) will take place on or after 10 June. Ranking will be posted on the UNITN website no later than a business day or two later.

4. Interviews: July 2024

Interviews will occur by mid-July at the very latest. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed via video-conferencing if preferred, otherwise in presence.

If admitted to the Program, candidates must reply within 8 business days.

5. Beginning of PhD program: 1 November, 2024

The list of research topics that the Doctorate in Cognitive and Brain Sciences proposed for the 2024 selection will be available as late as March/April.

A minimum B2 level English is highly recommended but documentation in support of this is not required in order to be considered for a PhD position. It will however be necessary to acquire a B2 level certification by the end of the 3rd year of the PhD program.

The Research Statement form available in the download box below is one of the compulsory attachments needed for the online application.

A €15 application fee, payable by credit card, is required in order to apply.

Want to speak with a PhD student to know what the program is like? When the 2024 call becomes available we will post the email address of a 4th year PhD student at the Doctorate in Cognitive and Brain Sciences until the deadline of the selection.

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Doctorate in Cognitive and Brain Sciences

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