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Home > Introduction > Why a 4-Year PhD?

Why a 4-Year PhD?

PhD programs in Italy and in Europe are typically last 3 years. This means that PhD students have little time to develop significant research questions that will lead them to too few if no publications by the time they are done with their PhD, compromising their future career. Following are just a few of the benefits our PhD candidates get from the 4-year PhD program at the Doctorate in Cognitive and Brain Sciences: 

  1. More time to structure projects.
  2. Better opportunities for significant periods abroad, including training opportunities and partnerships.
  3. Possibility to work on multiple projects, thus gaining experience in areas other than thesis project.
  4. Projects can be more ambitious, for example involving multiple techniques or special populations.
  5. More articles published during the PhD.
  6. Better opportunities for post-graduate employment.