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Application Summary and Process

2024 Call Summary for 15 Scholarships (4 years ea.)

Monday June 24, 2024 at 4:00 p.m. (Italian time)

The following guide summarizes the application procedures in the Full Call Reference and is meant to give an overview of the application. It does not replace the full call, and in case of inconsistency, the full call takes precedence.

The PhD Program of the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences provides students with the solid knowledge base and applied skills necessary for careers in academia or related industries. The program is in English. The scholarships are on the order of approximately net 1,200 Euro/month, 12 months a year. PhD candidates are expected to dedicate their time to study and research, reside on-site and not be employed elsewhere during their studies.

Scholarships (Art. 1)

PhD student scholarships, beginning Nov 1, 2024:
n. 3 grants financed by the University of Trento;
n. 1 grant financed by the CIMeC – Center for Mind/Brain Sciences of the University of Trento, on the following topic:
Cognition in archer fish;
n. 1 grant financed by the CIMeC – Center for Mind/Brain Sciences of the University of Trento within the project “ATCOM -
An Attentional Code for Memory” – ERC Consolidator Grant n. 101125658 - CUP E73C24000210006”, financed by the
European Research Council on the topic: Structuring knowledge in brains and machines: The interplay between memory,
attention and consciousness;

n. 1 grant financed by the CIMeC – Center for Mind/Brain Sciences of the University of Trento within the project “Dynamo:
Dynamic Brain Modeling of the Dynamic World
” – Fondo Italiano della Ricerca (MUR_FIS_Fondo Italiano per la Scienza 2021)
– CUP E53C23001890001, on the topic: Investigating predictive representations with MEG-based dynamic RSA;
n. 1 grant financed on the following topic: “Behavior, cognition and welfare in Apis Mellifera” by;
• Fondazione Cassa Rurale di Trento
• Fondazione Cassa Rurale di Trento e Rovereto – CARITRO,
• University of Trento’s IBC 5 x mille
• CIMeC – Center for Mind/Brain Sciences of the University of Trento,
n. 1 grant financed for 36 months by EURAC Research and for 12 months by the CIMeC – Center for Mind/Brain Sciences
of the University of Trento of the University of Trento, on the following topic: Exploring the Impact of Environmental Factors on
Human Perception and Cognitive Processes
n. 7 grants financed by the IIT - Italian Institute of Technology on the following topics:
Synaptic and trascriptomic architecture of cortical circuits (1 grant)
• Novel paradigms for mapping brain network activity in the mouse (1 grant)
• Computational Approaches for Mapping Brain Network Activity in the Mouse (1 grant)
• Neuromodulatory control of brain functional activity in the mouse (1 grant)
• The neurophysiology of appetitive behavior (1 grant)
• Neuroimaging and electrophysiological biomarkers behind autisms distinguished by disability versus difference over
(2 grants)

Who can apply? – Admission Requirements (Art. 2)

Italian applicants must hold a Laurea Magistrale/Master’s Degree in a related field. Foreign applicants degree must be comparable to the Italian Laurea Magistrale in terms of duration, level, and content and follow the procedure detailed in the Full Call (Art. 2). A bachelor’s degree alone (3 or 4 year) is typically not sufficient for applying. Current M.A./M.Sc. students who expect to be awarded their degree by October 31, 2024 can apply but should follow the procedure in the Full Call very closely (Art 2).  

In order to know whether your foreign degree satisfies Italian PhD entry criteria you can request verification at CIMEA. More details found here. Should your foreign degree be deemed suitable for admission to an Italian PhD the CIMEA verification will substitute your Diploma Supplement / Dichiarazione di Valore.

Doctorate Program Description (Art. 3)

The PhD Program requires full-time effort and presence during the 4-year duration of the scholarship. There is a mandatory number of course hours to be completed. A core set of courses is compulsory, and the remaining courses are selected by each candidate according to their interests and needs. Admitted applicants may inquire into the possibility of ‘pre-doc’ funding that can allow a limited number of applicants to begin practical training prior to the commencement of studies.

Application (Art. 4)

We encourage applicants to finalize the application a few days prior to the deadline.
Register using the link to obtain a username and password for accessing the UniTN reserved area. Up to 2 working days may be necessary to obtain these credentials;  
Apply using the link;
The application process (along with uploading documents) can be saved at an intermediate stage before submitting the application.

Documents for a complete application:

Mandatory documents (1-4):

1) Passport (page with photo, personal data, issuing information) or any EU national ID;
2) Official certificates regarding academic career (see Full Call Art. 4);
3) CV in English including a list of scientific papers, or related qualifications (e.g., training, presentations);
4) Research statement (downloadable below) in English, consisting of motivation and background information, statement of interest and research project proposal (see Full Call Art. 4);

5) English language knowledge statement declaring it equal to or above CEFR B2 level. Advanced knowledge of the English language is a fundamental prerequisite in order to participate in the PhD programme.

In addition, the following documents may be submitted in the application:

1) Names and correct contact information of 2 referees with full contact details, who will be automatically contacted to provide a structured reference letter.

IMPORTANT: it is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that all documents have been uploaded on time, that these precisely satisfy the request in the Full Call and that the reference letters arrive in a timely manner. If in doubt, please contact CIMeC administration (phd.cimec [at], +39 0464 808617) prior to the application deadline to verify that your application is complete.

Application evaluation (Art. 5)

The application involves a non-refundable €15.00 application cost, payable via credit card or PagoPA.

The selection procedure consists in:

1) an evaluation of the qualifications and the Research Statement presented by the candidate in the application.

2) Shortlisted candidates are invited for an interview in English that will address the research statement provided as well as English language ability and general aptitude. Candidates may be able to choose to be interviewed via videoconference or in presence at the University of Trento (see Full Call Art. 5). A final ranking of shortlisted candidates that is based on both the assessment of their applications and performance during the interview.

Key Dates:

Deadline for applications                June 24 2024

Assessment of qualifications          Late June/Early July, 2024

Interview for shortlisted candidates  By 15 July, 2024

Admission to the PhD Programme (Art. 7)           

Successful candidates will be admitted to the PhD programme according to their position on the list of the final ranking until all available positions are appointed. If a selected candidate declines, the next person on the list who qualifies may be admitted to the program.

Selected candidates are required to enrol within 8 days after being notified of their admission.  
The conditions for acceptance of the scholarship are in the enrolment form, available at:


PhD scholarships may not be combined with other scholarships of any nature, apart from those assigned by Italian or foreign institutions, which may support the PhD student's research activities abroad. More information about UNITN scholarships may be found at the doctoral scholarships page.

Rights and Duties of PhD Students

PhD students are considered as autonomous researchers and expected to actively participate in all activities. Advancement to the following year is based on a yearly evaluation of performance by the PhD Program Committee. PhD students can be involved in supplementary teaching activities; any other working activities are subject to authorization.

This is an executive summary of the information and requirements that are detailed in
the full Call for Application available at:

Contact: PhD Administration    Email: phd.cimec [at]         Homepage:


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