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The Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC) is a cutting-edge research center in the area of cognitive neurosciences, dedicated not only to the description and understanding of cerebral functioning under normal conditions, but also to discovering innovative strategies for preventing and treating neurological pathologies which could compromise it. The combination of basic research, research inspired by use and translational research puts the Centre in a privileged position, both for what concerns the training of future researchers of neuroscience as well as the rapid transfer of highly innovative scientific results into  daily practice.

The Laboratory of Functional Neuroimaging (LNiF) aims to improve and apply functional neuroimaging methods to study the normal and pathological brain.

The Center of Neurocognitive Rehabilitation (CeRiN) is the clinical research unit of the CIMeC. It focuses on the daignosis and rehabilitation of behavioral and cognitive neurological disorders in patients with brain injury.

CIMeC Language, Interaction & Computation Lab (CLIC) is an interdisciplinary group of researchers applying computational and cognitive methods to explore multimodal communication, adaptive interfaces, and the use of semantic and encyclopedic knowledge in communication.

Animal Cognition and Neuroscience Lab (ACN) is the study of mental processes and their neurobiological bases in a comparative perspective.

The Experimental Psychology Laboratories (EPL) comprise an interdisciplinary group of researchers using traditional and innovative paradigms to investigate the neural basis of human language and thought and address the central problems of cognitive neuroscience, including perception, attention, learning, memory, language, decision-making, emotion and development.  

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CIMeC: Center for Mind/Brain Sciences

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