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Technical Scientific English

Lecturer: prof. Felicity Anne Hope (CLA)

Courses: Courses of Technical-Scientific English (Academic Writing, Presentations and Academic Writing II) addressed to PhD Students of the scientific area. Each course has a limit of 15 students.

Timetable: first semester (October 2023 - February 2024) / second semester (March - May 2024) see the attached schedule.

How to enrol: follow the instructions of CLA. Students can only register online starting at 10.00 on the first day of registration, by connecting to the page and entering the University credentials passwords.
While enrolling online you will read that you have to pay 50 euro. Please ignore this information, because the course is free, and confirm your online enrollment. CLA will afterwards change the wording to "free".

For registartion and further information contact directly cla [at] (CLA)

Duration: 24 or 16 hours (3 or 2 credits type B)


application/pdfCLA_PhD courses_first semester 2023-2024(PDF | 100 KB)