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Waves in metamaterials and periodic structures

Lecturers: Oreste S. Bursi (UNITN/DICAM), Francesco Dal Corso (UNITN/DICAM), Diego Misseroni (UNITN/DICAM) and Giacomo Oliveri (UNITN/DICAM)

Timetable: spring 2023


Prof. Francesco Dal Corso and Prof. Diego Misseroni – 6 hours 

Prof. Francesco Dal Corso 

  • One-dimensional mechanical wave equation
  • Discrete one-dimensional systems (the monoatomic and the diatomic chains)
  • Two and three dimensional discrete systems

Prof. Diego Misseroni

  • Bloch waves in origami metamaterials
  • Cloaking transformation in elastic plates
  • Scattering reduction of flexural waves propagation through boundary stiffening and mass redistribution
  • Vibration experiments on elastic metamaterials

Prof. Giacomo Oliveri and Prof. Andrea Massa – 4 hours

Prof. Andrea Massa

  • The nature of Electromagnetic Waves – Maxwell’s Equations and the EM Wave Equation
  • Canonical Solutions to Maxwell’s Equations: Plane Waves in Homogeneous Media
  • Waves and planar interfaces? The Snell’s Laws

Prof. Giacomo Oliveri

  • Periodic and Quasi-Periodic Metamaterials: concept, design, implementation
  • Waves and Metamaterials - the Generalized Snell’s Laws
  • Applications of Generalized Snell’s Laws to Wave Control in EM Systems

Prof. Oreste S. Bursi – 6 hours 
6 lectures on: Seismic metamaterials for  vibration mitigation of process plant components

  • Motivation
  • Metamaterial Concept
  • Importance of experiments
  • Modeling and machine learning
  • Structural (passive) control
  • Random vibration
  • Optimization
  • Attenuation and non attenuation zones
  • Vibration mitigation of liquid storage tanks
  • Vibration mitigation of small modular reactors
  • Non-linear issues
  • Conclusions and Outlooks

Duration: 16 hours (2 credits)

Registration: in order to register for the course please send an email to dicamphd [at]