Academic Year 2015-16

There are several courses organised by the School that candidates may attend depending on individual curricula. All courses will be held at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering except where differently indicated.

This is the Calendar of the institutional courses for the academic year 2015/16 (also available in the download box below): click on the individual courses for further info about programs and registration details

N.B:  this schedule may change; courses require a minimum enrolment of 3 students. In case of no link on the course title, it means that the course has not been activated yet. 

Candidates must obtain 15 credits from institutional courses + 15 credits from other activities (see Credits recognition section for further details)


Period Course Lecturer Hours
19 Nov 2015 - 12 Jan 2016 Statistical methods and data analysis S. Siboni 34
27-28 Nov 2015 Nonlinear thermomechanical and coupled dynamic problems in structural applications O.S. Bursi - N. Tondini 12.5
11 Jan to 1 April 2016 Advanced Thermodynamics C. Della Volpe 18
not activated Object Oriented modelling for hydrologists and geoscientists with Java R. Rigon - G. Formetta 24
27-28 Jan 2016 Thermal Analyses Applied to Processes for Energy Production and Storage R. Di Maggio 16
25-29 Jan 2016 GranularFlows2015 - River sediment transport: theory and models (Winter School) A. Armanini - M. Larcher - G. Rosatti 28
18-29 Jan 2016 Advanced numerical methods for free-surface hydrodynamics V. Casulli - M. Dumbser 60
1-12 Feb 2016 Advanced numerical methods for hyperbolic equations and applications (Winter School - Part I)     E. F. Toro - M. Dumbser 60
8-12 Feb 2016 Perturbation methods (Genoa) N. Tambroni - G. Vittori 10
8-12 Feb 2016 Hydrodynamic stability (Genoa) I. Pralits 10
15-19 Feb 2016 Morphodynamics of River Bars integrating theories, modelling and observations W. Bertoldi - M. Tubino - G. Zolezzi 32
15-26 Feb 2016 Mathematical Methods for Engineering (Winter School - Part II) A. Valli - A. A. Rodriguez 50
17-19 Feb 2016 (hours 9-17 room 1R) Spatial multicriteria analysis for environmental decision-making D. Geneletti 24
not activated  Passive solar building design R. Albatici 16
14-18 Mar 2016 Environmental data management and analysis with GIS P. Zatelli - A. Vitti - M. Ciolli 40
from 21 April 2016 - May 2016 X-ray Diffraction applied to the study of polycrystalline materials: theory and practice P. Scardi 36
not activated  New methods for the rational seismic design of timber and hybrid buildings M. Piazza - C. Loss  22
not activated  Il comportamento degli orizzontamenti nelle strutture storiche in muratura: elementi voltati e diaframmi lignei R. Tomasi - I. Giongo - P. Clemente 16
2-6 May 2016 Turbulence (Padua) V. Armenio (UNITS) 26
not activated Advances in Sanitary Engineering G. Andreottola - M. Ragazzi - E. C. Rada 24
23-27 May 2016 Classical Molecular Dynamics with LAMMPS L. Gelisio (Introduction by N. Pugno and P. Scardi) 16
27 June -1 July 2016 Geostatistics A. Bellin - B. Majone 32
not activated Experimental and theoretical behavior of timber frame shear walls G. Doudak (University of Ottawa - CA) - R. Tomasi (UNITN) 16
not activated Assessment and Reinforcement of Timber Structures M. Piazza & I. Giongo (UNITN), M. Parisi & C. Tardini (POLIMI) 16
not activated A crash course on nonlinear elasticity and first applications to biomembranes L. Deseri 20
14-16 Jul 2016 Smart Materials and Structures (5th International Summer School) D. Zonta - O. S. Bursi 34
19-23 Sep 2016 Coupled instabilities in thin-walled metal structures K. Rasmussen (University of Sydney) 20
postponed to February 2017  Nonlinear elastic structures D. Bigoni 10
19 Sep - Nov 2016 Theoretical biomechanics structures and solids D. Bigoni 40
not activated Behaviour and applications of elastic waves in structures and acoustic metamaterials: a Finite Element-based approach M. Miniaci 8/10
17 - 28 October Research Projects Cycle Management (possible follow-up about Project Management and risk conflict resolution management) R. Tranquillini 40
postponed to 2017 Inverse problems and finite element model updating R. Fedele (POLIMI) 25
Other courses  
18 April - 6 June 2016 Technical-Scientific English for Engineers (Academic writing for the sciences) F. Hope 18
16 May - 15 June Technical-Scientific English for Engineers (Academic presentations for the sciences) F. Hope 12
1 March - 25 May  Crash Course on Research Funding; Intellectual Property and Strat Up Creation  Organized by Research Office  


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