Credits Recognition

Educational Programme


• 15 credits TYPE A : attending  institutional courses proposed by the Manifesto of Studies of the Doctorate School (a final examination/test at the end of the course must be passed) or by attending specialized courses of a similar level offered by Italian or foreign University institutions. Students are recommended to obtain these credits by the end of the first year; in any case they must be achieved by the end of the second year.

• 15 credits TYPE B: other activities, like courses without final exam, short schools, workshops, conferences, seminars, work placements, attended at the home University and/or other institutions. The Doctoral School Committee evaluates the suitability of such activities with respect to the training and research objectives of the student and establishes the number of credits to award. These credits must be obtained by the end of the third year.


In case of istitutional courses with final examination, you will be authomatically assigned the related credits as soon as the lecturer of the course will send the confirmation that you passed the examination.

For all other activities you must require the credits assignment by sending an email to dicamphd [at], including the program of the activity and a proof/confirmation that you attended and/or passed the final examination of the activities. 


1. Which document do I have to provide in case of public presentation/posters?

Program of the event (your name must be included in the program) and certificates/proof/confirmation of your attendance;

2. Which document do I have to provide in case of seminars?

Leaflet and certificates/proof/confirmation of your attendance (e.g. signature on a presence sheet, confirmation sent by yuor supervisors, etc.)

3. Is the attendance mandatory? How many hours do I have to attend in order to get the credits recognition? 

Phd students interested in credits recognition need to attend at least 70% of the course. 

Credits Conversion Table


Conversion rule

Maximum credits

Institutional courses (included Summer School) with final examination

8 hours of lectures = 1 credit (type A)


Other courses (included Summer School) without  a final examination

8 hours of lectures = 1 credit (type B)



1 seminar= 0.5 credits


Occasional work placements

1 week = up to 1 credit

6 credits

Collaboration in the organization and presentations in workshops / conferences

up to 2 credits if oral presentation

up to 1 credit if poster presentation

6 credits

Participation in workshops / conferences

up to 0.5 credits (for 1 or 2 days)

up to 1 credit for more than 2 days

6 credits