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Advanced Thermodynamics

Lecturer: Prof. Claudio Della Volpe

Timetable 2020: January - February 2020

Duration: 18 hours (2 credits)


1)    The Callen approach. Fundamental functions and their properties.

2)    Some correlation with the economy production functions.

3)    The Prigogine approach. The introduction of time.

4)    The stability of a thermodynamic system. The Gibbs approach and the Liapounov approach.

5)    The endoreversible approximation and its applications.

6)    The irreversibility, its possible origin: the gravity hypothesis. (The Smolin-Ben Jacob approach).

7)    The linear regime and its stability. Onsager relations. Minimum entropy production.

8)    The non-linear regime. Oscillating systems. Is there a general evolution criterion? The MEP criterion.

9)    Some practical applications of the irreversible thermodynamics: the Ludder bands, the thermocouple, multicomponent diffusion, electrokinetic phenomena, thermoelectric phenomena, some metallurgy techniques, etc.

10) The surface thermodynamics. From Leonardo to Prigogine models of a surface. The wettability: its equations and its applications. The experimental evaluation of the contact angle. The acid-base theory of the surface tension.

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