Field sampling and Spatial Ecological Modelling

Lecturers: prof. Marco Ciolli, prof. Duccio Rocchini; dr. Clara Tattoni

Timetable: June 2020

Duration: 40 hours (5 credits)


  • Introduction to the topics and main ecological general concepts.
  • Basis of Field Vegetation sampling and forest parameters measurement.
  • Vegetation Analysis. Vegetation cartography. Basis of remote sensing for vegetation.
  • Past Forest landscape change detection
  • Production of Markov Chain scenarios future/past
  • Basis of Field wildlife surveys.
  • Spatial Species distribution modelling, theory of the different models.
  • Overview of various modelling techniques. Comparison of different techniques, pros and cons.
  • Home ranges. Alien species modelling and study cases. Interpretation of Model results and validation.
  • GIS Practice on sample data

Registration: in order to access the course, please send an e-mail to dicamphd [at]