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Models and Applications for Transportation Systems Analysis

Lecturer: ing. Andrea Pompigna (Engineer, Assistant Freelancer)

Timetable:  April  2023


The proposed course - lasting 18 hours to be carried out in three modules each of six hours - focuses on fundamental modeling and simulation aspects of planning: infrastructures and mobility systems over a large area of intervention.

After a general introduction to the problem of Transportation Systems Modeling according to the most updated international approaches, the contents of the course are structured as follows:  Acquisition of information on mobility and spatial references of the study area, its delimitation and characterization for modeling purposes;  Trip Production Models;  Trip Distribution Models;  Discrete Choice Models;  Mode Choice Models;  Path Choice Models;  Essentials of Operations Research and Network Optimization;  Models for Traffic Assignment to Transportation Networks;  Equilibrium issues for Transport Supply and Demand;  Simplified Models and swift approaches for Transport Supply and Demand;  Decision Support Criteria in the field of Transport Infrastructure and Systems.

The mathematical models presented are the indispensable basis for making the quantitative forecasts that are necessary to rationally plan and design transport infrastructures and systems. In view of this, numerous application examples are provided and the main lines of development, both theoretical and applicative, of the modeling and simulation techniques are outlined.

The course is aimed at those interested in the mathematical modeling and simulation techniques in a field of great social and economic relevance, such as the transport sector, and at those interested in territorial planning aspects and intend to proceed not extemporaneously or purely qualitative to planning and guidance activities in the field of mobility.

Duration: 18 hours (2 credits)

Registration: in order to register for the course please send an email to dicamphd [at]