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Environmental data management and analysis with GIS

Lecturers: prof. Paolo Zatelli (UNITN/DICAM); prof. Alfonso Vitti (UNITN/DICAM); prof. Marco Ciolli (UNITN/DICAM)

Timetable:  from 6 to 10 March 2023, detailed timetable will be posted as soon as available

The course will be offered in a blended format: in presence and online.


  1. Introduction to GIS and numerical cartography.
  2. GIS theory, tools and data.
  3. Cartographic projections, reference systems and their transformations.
  4. GRASS GIS: features, logical structure and usage.
  5. GRASS GIS: projects, data I/O. Tutorial.
  6. Thematic maps.
  7. Geoprocessing, network analysis.
  8. Overview of GIS applications - WebGIS.
  9. GIS and geostatistics. Digital geographic data sources.
  10. Spatial databases, theory, tools and data.
  11. GRASS Tutorial.
  12. Image analysis for environmental applications.
  13. Tutorial on environmental GIS applications

Tutorials: Tutorials and exercises are integrated in the lectures.

Duration: 40 hours (5 credits) 

Registration: in order to access the course, please send an email to dicamphd [at]