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X-ray Diffraction applied to the study of polycrystalline materials: theory and practice

Lecturer: prof. Paolo Scardi (UNITN/DICAM)

Timetable: April May 2023

Schedule will be posted as soon as available. 


The course is addressed to students engaged in research activities in a broad range of topics, including materials science and technology, chemistry and physics, but also mechanics and micromechanics. Focus is on polycrystalline materials, in powder or bulk form. The first part of the course is a theoretical introduction, with elements of radiation-matter interaction, crystallography and reciprocal space, basic concepts of X-ray diffraction theory. The second part is an introduction to laboratory practice; besides providing a few elements on experimental methods and data processing, this second part is organized for groups of two students, each group focusing on a specific activity/methodology, to be selected according to specific interests of the students and available laboratory support.

The first part ends with a questionnaire to assess the student's preparation and understanding of the theoretical elements. Homework and a group report are required to pass the second part evaluation.

Suggested readings to better profit of this activity include any textbook on materials science and technology, basic concepts of general chemistry and physics, possibly solid state physics (not indispensable). As useful preliminary readings, see books by D.B. Cullity and/or by B.E. Warren on X-ray Diffraction.

Interested students may contact the teacher to have copy of the textbooks.

Duration: 36 hours (4,5 credits)

Registration: in order to access the course, please send an e-mail to dicamphd [at]