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Molecular Dynamics: a primer with elements of statistical mechanics

Lecturers: Paolo Scardi (UNITN/DICAM)

Timetable:  start date May 2, 2023

Schedule: the schedule will be posted as soon as available, on the basis of the registrations.

Programme:  The course introduces Molecular Dynamics as a modelling tool for solid and fluid mechanics. Starting from general knowledge of thermodynamics and mechanics, the course introduces many-body problems, providing the basic elements of statistical mechanics underlying Molecular Dynamics.

Theoretical elements include the role and choice of potentials, basic principles of the dynamic algorithms used for MD simulations, and an outline of multiscale problems.

Following a "hands-on" philosophy, the course includes the use of specific software for MD with practical examples: applications include fluids and transport phenomena, from the atomic scale to granular media, and solid mechanics, for the study of plasticity, fracture, friction and clustering phenomena. At least 8 hours are dedicated to practice.

Duration: 16 hours (2 credits)

Registration: in order to register for the course please send an email to dicamphd [at]