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Advanced geomatics and Earth observation for environment

Lecturer: prof. Alfonso Vitti (UNITN/DICAM)

Timetable: June 2023

Schedule: from Monday to Friday hours 13:30- 15:30 / 16:30-18:30 (to be confirmed)

Programme: This course deals with Earth observation (EO) satellite missions and advanced geomatics methods for feature extraction and surface modelling, indirect retrieval of physical quantities from satellite data. The course provides an overview of satellite missions for Earth observation and environmental applications. Retrieval of physical quantities from satellite data includes riverbed bathymetry from multi-spectral images and snow water equivalent from radar data. Digital surface models (DSM) are at the basis for the geometry definition in all numerical simulations of geophysical problems and in environmental engineering. The course deals with digital surface modelling via triangulated irregular network (TIN) and grids, DSM generation from stereo satellite images and with detection and modelling of geometric features of digital surfaces. The course presents variational models for segmentation and discontinuity detection in images and DSM.

Duration: 20 hours (2,5 credits)

Registration: please send an email to dicamphd [at]