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Admittance requirements

Applications for Doctoral positions are addressed to candidates, regardless of sex, age and nationality, who have an Italian “Laurea Specialistica" (Master's degree) according to Ministerial Decrees no. 509 of November 3, 1999 and no. 270 of October 22, 2004 or an equivalent degree qualification obtained abroad.

Applicants, having a foreign qualification that has not been officially recognized as equivalent to the Italian “Laurea”, must make an explicit request for recognition of equivalence in their application form. In this case any relevant documents (degree certificate with exams and grades obtained) and the relative declaration of value (“dichiarazione di valore”) must be attached to enable the Doctoral School Committee to declare its equivalence and then allow the student to attend this Doctoral programme. The above documents must be officially translated by the Italian Embassy in the country of origin.

An application form must also be filled in by students who expect to complete their studies by the 31st October. In such cases admittance will be “conditional” and the applicant must be able to present the relevant degree certificate, or a declaration that the degree has been conferred (in conformity with Presidential Decree n° 445 of December 28, 2002, applicable only to citizens of the European Union), by the 31st October. Otherwise, the applicant loses any right of admittance to this Doctoral programme.

Admittance to the Doctoral School is highly competitive.


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