Dottorati di ricerca - Area Scientifico Tecnologica
Doctoral programme

Head of the School

Valter Moretti

The Head of the School is responsible for:

  • co-ordinating and organizing the training - and administrative work - of the Doctoral School;
  • calling and chairing the Doctoral School Committee, and implementing the relevant resolutions;
  • authorizing Doctoral students, personally or through their supervisors, to leave the University to carry out further research work or internships at partner universities or at other institutions or research centres for periods of less than six months;
  • reporting unjustified student absences to the administrative offices, in order to suspend their scholarship payment, or expel them from the Doctoral School;
  • preparing a detailed report on the status of the Doctoral School, that is submitted at the end of each year, to the University Evaluation Commission, in accordance with Art. 3 of Ministerial Decree no. 224, 30th April 1999;
  • designating a Vice-Head of the School who will replace the Head in the event of illness or impediment.



Doctoral School in Mathematics

Via Sommarive, 14 - 38123 Povo (TN) Italy
ph. +39 0461 281701-1625