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School organization and requirements

1st year

By the end of December of the current academic year, PhD students must choose a thesis supervisor and submit a study programme  to the PhD Programme Coordinator. The subject of the doctorate thesis has to be defined by the end of March.

As a general rule, the thesis supervisor is also a member of the Doctoral School Committee; the Doctoral School Committee, can offer the choice to have an external supervisor if the circumstances are seriously motivated. In this case one of the members will be chosen as an inside advisor.

Each student must attend three courses among those offered by the Department of Mathematics or the Doctoral School in Mathematics. The Doctoral School Committee in accordance with supervisors can ask PhD students to include courses related to their scientific education.

Students are strongly invited to attend the seminars organized by the Department of Mathematics or the Doctoral School, as well as the workshops and summer schools.

By the end of October of the current academic year, PhD students must submit a written report about their first year activities and their thesis project, to the PhD Coordinator.

For admittance to the second year, students must pass an exam.

2nd and 3rd year

The 2nd and the 3rd year are dedicated to research activities for the final thesis.
PhD students will participate in international scientific events regarding their research area, as well as in those useful to their scientific training.

By the end of October of each academic year, PhD students must provide the Doctoral School Coordinator with a written report on their research activity and give a public talk in front of the Doctoral Committee.

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