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Home > Proposed research topics > 2013 – 29th cycle > Mechatronics and Mechanical Systems
Home > Proposed research topics > 2013 – 29th cycle > Mechatronics and Mechanical Systems

Mechatronics and Mechanical Systems

Dynamics of mechanical systems for aerospace applications (co-financed project)

Teacher: Daniele Bortoluzzi


In spacecraft applications, mechanical systems are subjected to strong design constraints due to both hard environmental conditions and demanding functional and performance requirements. Science spacecraft must be often controlled and stabilized by attitude and orbit control system, and in some applications (like LISA Pathfinder) a drag-free attitude control must be designed in order to realize a nearly-geodesic trajectory.

Mechanisms for space applications are also critical, especially when strong constraints are set on tribological behavior of surfaces.

A challenging case of study is also identified in the grabbing positioning and release mechanism for LISA Pathfinder mission, where adhesion between metallic surfaces may affect a mission critical phase.

Artificial intelligence systems for mechanical machining processes (co-financed project)

Teacher: Paolo Bosetti


Industrial machining processes still heavily rely on expertise and training of human machine operators.

Among other things, it is worth citing some process parameters and process state variables that have to be chosen and controlled by operators: cutting speed and feed-rate, instant absorbed power, vibration intensity and chatter, tool wear and tool condition in general, choice of tool geometry, effectiveness of lubrication.

It is thus an interesting and challenging research field to research and develop mechatronics systems, measurement applications, and control/monitoring software for augmenting the automation level of machine tool controllers so that the choice, regulation, control, and monitoring of the above conditions can be demanded to the machine tool itself, with consequent advantages in terms of cost effectiveness, reliability, and efficiency of machining processes.


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